“Ah, I won’t make fun of you. I only do that to my enemies. But I actually like you. You’re the only one.”

“Seriously!?” Ben asked, throwing the controller on the carpet while stomping, confused, outraged and sweaty. “How could you beat me? Majora’s Mask is my game!” The black-haired girl hissed, her tongue sticking out at him as she said,

“Meh, obviously not. Maybe next time, princess.” she laughed playfully, grabbing his hat and putting it on herself, horns poking out of the sides. Ben huffed, defeated and worn out. He walked over to Dark Link, and started drinking a beer while playing on the oldest game-boy Shadowfire had ever seen in her life. She wondered when this party would ever end. It felt like she’d been there for hours, just sitting down, huffing smoke and fire while suddenly, Jane shouted,

“Seven minutes in heaven~!” everyone seemed so excited about this, they all came running up to Jane the Killer, studying her with wide eyes. Shadowfire let out a hiss, and walked over to them, her black sweatshirt feeling warm and uncomfortable.

“We all know who’s first…” Shadowfire yawned, her eyes turning a deep shade of grey with anger and boredom. But to her surprise, everyone turned their eyes on her, smirking and murmuring to each other.

“TOBY AND SHADOW’S, TOBY AND SHADOW’S!!!!” Scar shouted. Shadowfire blushed deeply, her eyes and dragon tail now turning red-and-orange.

“SHUT UP! NOBODY NEEDS YOUR COMMENTS, SCAR!” her fangs appeared, and so did her spikes. Everyone shut up for just a few seconds, but her best friend Scar was still laughing. She growled softly, looking at Jane with pure scorn in her now-red eyes.

“Yes! Its Shadowfire I was thinking, too!” Jane pointed out, looking everyone straight in the eye. They all looked across at Toby, his blush clearly seen under his grey mask. “Well, pick from the bag, Demon.” she picked up the backpack in front of her and shook it, smiling cruelly at Shadowfire. Shadowfire yanked it away from pale hands, ripping the strap. The pale female threw Ben his hat. She stuck her gloved-hands inside the bag, and what did she pull out?

An axe. Go figure.

Obviously, the axe represented Toby. The boy had ruffled, golden-brown hair and warm amber eyes if he took his goggles off. He was really quite nice looking. Shadowfire had actually said that to his face once. She remembered it so clearly, it was like it was happening in front of her eyes right now.

“Wow, it really is you! You are way better looking when I catch you eye!”

“U-uh...” Toby had murmured.

“Shadowfire! HEY, WAKE UP!!!!!!” Jeff was flashing the axe in front of her four scars. “Go! Its your turn, remember?” she shook her head, dazed.

“Oh yeah.. r-right.” she looked at the closet, but before she could say anything else, Jane pushed her and Ticci Toby right in.

“Have fun, LOVE BIRDS!” her voice was so annoying. It annoyed Scar the most, though, Shadowfire thought. She remembered all of those bad times her and Scar had together. Back to Toby.

Shadowfire’s eyes were the only thing visible. They were a golden shade of amber, which represented affection. She scowled. Toby looked down at the floor, obviously nervous.

“S-so…” he started, blushing really hard and coughing to cover his embarrassment. Shadowfire laughed.

“What’s your favourite colour, Toby?” she asked him in a friendly way. He hesitated before answering.

“I-I really l-like the c-colour amber. A-and blue.” he looked across at the wall not meeting Shadowfire’s eyes, which made her quite anxious.

“Those colour’s are awesome. Well, blue is Scar’s colour, and obviously amber is the natural colour of my eyes.” she looked at him as he twitched, and smiled, the glow from her eyes going to her scars, which meant she was happy.

“I-I just want to focus on you tonight. N-nobody e-else.” he finally met her gaze. She desperately wanted to take his goggles off, but he noticed him blush again and decided it wasn’t exactly the right time.

“Toby,” she started, “why do you wear the mask?” she brushed his cheek, but he jerked away. “S-sorry. I-I was j-just-” he cut her off.

“No. I-its okay.” he sighed. “I wear the mask because… I-I h-have this s-scar and- Slender tells me to wear i-it o-or…. people w-will make fun of m-me.” Shadowfire looked at him, his hair ruffled.

“Ah, I won’t make fun of you. I only do that that to my enemies. But I actually like you. You’re the only one.” she brushed his cheek once more, and clipped off his mask gently. As it fell to the floor, she saw a tear in his flesh from the side of his lip all the way up to his upper-cheek. She thought for a moment before speaking. “Oh, wow. Its cool. I have scars like that across my left eye.” she brushed her own scars across her eye that were glowing. “Yours is just very handsome. You should show it off more often, actually.” she laughed, and Toby did too. Suddenly, he pulled her closer gently, arms around her hips.

“Y-you know w-what?” Toby asked in a whisper. “I-I think you are a-amazing. And I-I love you. I-I j-just didn’t want to admit i-it.” She couldn’t resist. Shadowfire pulled off his goggles to reveal the familiar bright amber eyes. He brushed his lips against her neck, then pressed them against her own lips. Shadowfire ran her fingers through his brown hair while lifting his sweatshirt. He ran his arm smoothly down her side, and pulled up her black jacket, revealing her red-and-black bra that she wore in combat. He let her slip his own sweatshirt off. He took her pony-tail out, her hair falling down in gentle locks at her sides. She kissed him roughly on the lips, and ran her fingers down his torso to his hips. Then, right before they were about to kiss again, the door swung open, Jane in front of the door while Clockwork was studying Shadowfire up and down enviously. She walked out, ignoring Toby’s wanting arms trying to pull her back.

Her height was overpowering Clockwork’s. “You know what, bitch? He’s mine. Go find someone else to be your slutty maid, because Toby doesn’t want anyone but me.” she hissed, spurting a bit a fire on Clockworks’ hair. She screamed, patting her head. As Shadowfire turned around, laughing, she saw Toby… Right there. In the light. And his mask was off! And so were his goggles. He pressed her against him, his eyes meeting her’s. She realized she had her dragon tail loosely wrapping around his waist, and his arms were around her hips. He smiled, kissing her on the head. Shadowfire hesitated, forgetting that she had her bare bra on. She shrugged.

“I never said this, but, I love you too.” she twitched a piece of hair out of his face. He laughed, stuttering at the same time, which was very cute and attractive to Shadowfire in many ways.

“D-do you want waffles?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes I do.” they walked off into the kitchen together, her arm around his shoulder.

Suddenly, this party was getting even better.

Writer notes:

HI~! IT’S SHADOWFIRE/KERRI/RAVEN/IDON’TKNOW~!!!! This is my own fanfic that I wrote about my AMAZING character Shadowfire. Inspiration from Quotev. And quizzes. And shtuff. Thx for reading.